Frequently Asked Questions

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards/debit cards. Checks and money orders are also accepted, although your order will not be processed until the check or money order is received.
No, we don't charge set up fees!
We offer multiple different fastener options. Our pin fastener comes standard on all badges at no charge to you. More Fastener Options and Information
No, there is no required minimum quantity for ordering name badges.
NiceGuard is an extremely durable poly-resin coating that we can apply to badges. This adds a level of durability and class that non-coated badges simply can’t match. NiceGuard is self-healing, meaning it does not dent, it simply rebounds. NiceGuard is guaranteed not to cloud or yellow. Read more about NiceGuard
Since we offer many different badge styles, the material used depends on the type of badge that you choose. Most of our plastic badges are printed out on 1/16" thick plastic. The Executive badges are 1/16" thick plastic attached to a sturdy metal frame. Photo ID and full color badges are printed on 60 mil PVC cards. We also offer wood, stainless steel, aluminum and leather. If there is a custom material that you would like though, we would be more than happy to bring in something new.
Shipping time will vary depending on where you are located. Your order will be shipped via USPS or UPS depending on the size of the order. Expedited production/shipping is available at checkout.
Standard Shipping Rates
Yes, we can ship on your FedEx or UPS account.
Our production time is 1-3 business days for new orders and reorders. Once production time is complete, your order will be shipped to you. Expedited production/shipping is available at checkout.
We use multiple processes to create our name badges. We have two types of printing processes, one is when high quality UV cured ink is used to graphics and text into the badge, the other is when graphics and text are laminate printed into the badge. Engraving is another process that we use, where the graphics and text are laser engraved into the badge. We also offer sublimation, which is when the graphics and text are transferred onto the badge with heat.
Absolutely, just click on the link below to get started.
Free Name Badge Digital Proof/Price Quote
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