Anodized Name Badges

These sleek badges are our take on the next generation of name badges. The back piece is CNC machined out of a solid block of aircraft grade billet aluminum. From there they are anodized for a beautiful look as well as more durability. Your badge itself is then inset into the CNC aluminum piece, and a protective resin dome (NiceGuard) is added. These badges were specifically designed by NiceBadge to be light, durable, and modern looking, truly some of the nicest badges in the industry.
180° Prestige Name Badge View

Dimension: 3” × 1.25”
Price: $37.00

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Includes NiceGuard Protection
at no additional charge

NiceGuard is an extremely durable poly-resin coating that we can apply to badges. This adds a level of durability and class that non-coated badges can’t match. NiceGuard is self-healing, meaning it does not dent, it simply rebounds. NiceGuard is guaranteed not to cloud or yellow.

Includes Our Super Magnetic Fastener
at no additional charge

Super Magnetic Fastener