Color Swap Name Badges

These fun, stylish, modern, badges allow you to coordinate with any outfit! The insert is made out of a magnetic material that will be full-color custom printed to your specifications. The frame piece is made out of acrylic and is offered in 14 different colors, both opaque and translucent options are available. A hole in the back allows you to remove the insert to place into another frame quickly and easily in order to coordinate with an outfit, to match your mood, or to save you time and money, in the event of a job change or promotion.

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Frame Colors

Luxe Blue
Passion Fruit

Color Swap Frame Packages

Pacific, Smoke, Phantom, Caribbean, Kiwi

Pacific, Phantom, Wisteria, Smoke, Passion Fruit

Black, Scarlet, Emerald, White, Cobalt

Black, Pomegranate, Luxe Blue, White, Mango
Color Swap Insert Only $8.00 ea.
Color Swap Replacement Frames (1 Pack) $8.00 ea.
Color Swap Replacement Frames (5 Pack) $40.00 ea.
Color Swap Badge Insert and Frame Package $45.00 ea.

Price includes logo, name, and pin fastener.

Badge options chosen during checkout may affect price.

NiceGuard Protection

NiceGuard is an extremely durable poly-resin coating that we can apply to badges. This adds a level of durability and class that non-coated badges can’t match. NiceGuard is self-healing, meaning it does not dent, it simply rebounds. NiceGuard is guaranteed not to cloud or yellow.

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Available Fasteners Options

Pin Fastener
Pin Fastener
Pocket Fastener
Pocket Insert Fastener
Bulldog Fastener
Bulldog Fastener
Super Magnetic Fastener
Super Magnetic Fastener
Pin & Super Magnetic Fastener
Pin & Super Magnetic Fastener
Military Double Post Fastener
Military Double Post Bar w/ Clutch

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