Studio Designed Custom Glass

Base is marble with an engraved plaque. Dimensions are 3.25" Wide X 7.5" High.

One of the many advantages of working in the molten glass medium is the ability to manipulate a nearly unlimited variety of colors limited only by our

Our Breccia series is one example.

We created this new glass by matching the texture, grain and color of Breccia marble using glass powders and frits that often have the same chemistry as the objects we are modeling.

Breccia is a type of marble that's been used in art and architecture for centuries.

Breccia, which means shattered or broken, is formed by explosive volcanic ejections, plate tectonics and even
large scale meteor impacts.

The resulting rock formations are fusions of dissimilar fragments, often with striking composition, that are embedded in a matrix of sand or limestone.

Brecciated marbles today encompass some of the most celebrated art and architectural objects of the ancient world.

Breccia Athena


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