Studio Designed Custom Glass

Base marble with an engraved plaque. Dimensions are 3.75" Wide X 7.5" High.

In order to create the image of snow blowing across a frozen landscape we feathered the white and blue snow elements into an area of clear then topped the design
with a thread of ice blue transparent glass for the rim.

Doing so offers a view of the design elements from front
to back as you peer into the vase.

This produces an image of blowing snow as you move around the piece changing your visual perspective.

Blizzards are characterized by high sustained winds and heavy blowing snow.

Our blizzard combines ice blue translucent glass chips with snow white opaque glass powder.

The colored glass is laid down in a pattern and picked up near the base of a molten gather of clear.

By carefully placing the colored glass at the bottom, we are able to heat, pull and feather the snow elements into the transparent portion producing the desired effect.

Translucent Snow Storm


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