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Chalkboard Name Badges from NiceBadge

When a lot of people get together, it can be hard to know who’s who. It can be even harder to stand out and attract attention in that crowd. Name tags are a great way to solve these issues. One problem, though, is that many name badges tend to look the same, even if the names on them are unique.

That’s where NiceBadge comes in. We offer creative ways to help your people identify themselves in professional and effective ways to make themselves known.

Chalkboard Name Badges

One of the most creative and fun ways to do this is by using chalkboard name badges. These unique products look different than all the standard name tags out there, and they help your team feel as creative as they look.

Ready to Go

Our chalkboard name badges are ready to go when you get them. You just use a chalk ink marker you can include with your order, and everyone can write their names in.

The name badges themselves aren’t the only thing that will look unique when you use chalkboard name badges from NiceBadge. The chalk marker writing really draws attention and adds a personalized touch.

Customizable Name Badges

You can add your logo to your chalkboard name badges to complete the look. Since your name tags will attract attention, you might as well have your logo there to be seen.

Get Your Fun Name Badges Today

Chalkboard name badges are fun and effective. Contact us today to find out more and to place your order. We have many options and will help you find the right one that works for you and your team. We deliver quality, attention-getting name badges as well as outstanding customer service.