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Wood Name Badges for Style and Durability

In a world that seems to be racing toward cheap, synthetic, and processed materials, it’s important to stand out with a bold dedication to quality. Add a tangible sense of authenticity to your first impressions with wood name badges from NiceBadge.


Our wood name badges come in various styles. You can choose from round, rectangular, or a bit of both. No matter your personal preference, we are sure to have a style that fits what you’re looking for. Our styles include:

  • Standard Wood Name Badge
  • Oval Wood Name Badge
  • Custom Shaped Wood Name Badge
  • Large Executive Wood Name Badge
  • Small Executive Wood Name Badge
  • Oval Executive Wood Name Badge
  • Log Name Badge

Exotic Wood Badge Choices

Now that you have chosen which style you want, it’s time to choose the type of wood. At NiceBadge, we offer an array of exotic wood to choose from. Whether you want your name printed on a light grain or a deep, cherry-tinted wood, we can help you design the perfect badge. Our name tags are made of natural materials, so the color and grain may vary. The exotic wood choices include:

  • Bamboo Dark
  • Bamboo Light
  • Bloodwood
  • Purpleheart
  • Zebrawood
  • Maple

You even have your choice of Laser Engraving or Print. The great thing about our wood name badges is that they are completely customizable and you can get what you want. They are also affordable. The more you order, the greater your discount. The price includes the logo, name, and pin fastener. Our wood name badges offer a look and feel that’s unmatched by other materials. They stand out in any workplace environment.

Contact us today at NiceBadge to order your wood name badges. Of course, our helpful staff will handle any questions you have. Let us work with you to produce something truly unique and stunning.