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The Benefits of Having Official Volunteer Name Tags

In any organization that interacts with the general public, it’s wise to have staff members wear name tags so they can be easily identified. It helps customers feel more comfortable approaching them with questions or when they need help with their purchase. It is also useful during events for the people serving and directing patrons to wear a name badge, as it instills confidence and encourages a feeling of comfort and safety. However, for many businesses, the question arises, “Do we need volunteer name tags as well?”

Why You Need Volunteer Name Tags

When your event or organization requires the participation of volunteers to keep things running smoothly, it is important to include them as part of the team. They should always be given personalized volunteer name tags to set them apart from customers, show that they are capable of providing assistance, and encourage personal connections.

What You Should Include on Volunteer Badges

When designing name badges for permanent employees, you most likely include a name, title or position, and a company logo. Volunteers should be given name tags that are just as personal and informative. Rather than labeling several name tags with the word “volunteer” and using them interchangeably, create official volunteer badges that include each individual’s name.

Other items you may consider including are special skills or responsibilities. Use the examples below for inspiration.

  • If you have a volunteer who comes in to provide translation services, include a message that lets people know they can interact with this volunteer in that language. 
  • If you work in a healthcare environment, you may have someone who brings in a dog or other therapy service animal. Identifying this particular volunteer as the one responsible for these animals provides a needed element of authority that will encourage safe interactions and trusting relationships.
  • Maybe you run a museum or gallery and would like to encourage visitors to learn more about the items on display. You can add a phrase like, “Ask me about velociraptors,” or “Do you know how much a baby elephant weighs?” 
  • You may also choose to include the year a volunteer started working with you, or the number of years they have been helping out. This shows that they have some experience with a particular subject or task and celebrates their dedication.

Where to Find Volunteer Name Tags

Since volunteer turnover may be higher than permanent staff members, you don’t want to spend a lot of money creating custom volunteer badges. However, you still want a high-quality product with unique information. Check out NiceBadge for your volunteer name tags and start designing the perfect badges for your organization.