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The Benefits of Having Official Volunteer Name Tags

In any organization that interacts with the general public, it’s wise to have staff members wear name tags so they can be easily identified. It helps customers feel more comfortable approaching them with questions or when they need help with their purchase. It is also useful during events for the people serving and directing patrons to wear a name badge, as it instills confidence and encourages a feeling of comfort and safety. However, for many businesses, the question arises, “Do we need volunteer name tags as well?”

Why You Need Volunteer Name Tags

When your event or organization requires the participation of volunteers to keep things running smoothly, it is important to include them as part of the team. They should always be given personalized volunteer name tags to set them apart from customers, show that they are capable of providing assistance, and encourage personal connections.

What You Should Include on Volunteer Badges

When designing name badges for permanent employees, you most likely include a name, title or position, and a company logo. Volunteers should be given name tags that are just as personal and informative. Rather than labeling several name tags with the word “volunteer” and using them interchangeably, create official volunteer badges that include each individual’s name.

Other items you may consider including are special skills or responsibilities. Use the examples below for inspiration.

  • If you have a volunteer who comes in to provide translation services, include a message that lets people know they can interact with this volunteer in that language. 
  • If you work in a healthcare environment, you may have someone who brings in a dog or other therapy service animal. Identifying this particular volunteer as the one responsible for these animals provides a needed element of authority that will encourage safe interactions and trusting relationships.
  • Maybe you run a museum or gallery and would like to encourage visitors to learn more about the items on display. You can add a phrase like, “Ask me about velociraptors,” or “Do you know how much a baby elephant weighs?” 
  • You may also choose to include the year a volunteer started working with you, or the number of years they have been helping out. This shows that they have some experience with a particular subject or task and celebrates their dedication.

Where to Find Volunteer Name Tags

Since volunteer turnover may be higher than permanent staff members, you don’t want to spend a lot of money creating custom volunteer badges. However, you still want a high-quality product with unique information. Check out NiceBadge for your volunteer name tags and start designing the perfect badges for your organization.

Now That You Have Your Custom Badge, Get Your Work Badge Lanyard

The abundance of industries that require employees to carry an identification badge is causing millions of people to seek out comfortable and convenient ways to wear them. You need to be able to access your work badge quickly, but you don’t want it to be in your way or clipped to your clothing in a way that might cause damage. Badge lanyards are the perfect solution.

What Are Badge Lanyards?

A lanyard is essentially a cloth strap that can be worn around your neck like a necklace. It has a clip or hook at the bottom for attaching a badge or ID card securely. A work badge lanyard allows you to carry your identification or access card everywhere you go and use it easily. 

Why Do I Need Badge Lanyards?

A work badge lanyard is essential for conveniently storing and using your job-related cards. You won’t have to spend time digging through a purse or wallet every time you need it, and it won’t get lost. It also allows you to use your ID card as a name tag so customers, patients, or coworkers can easily recognize you when needed. Badge lanyards can also come in handy in non-work-related ways as well:

  • Use them to hold student IDs or lunch cards
  • Create temporary badges for conferences or events
  • Use them to carry passes to gyms, amusement parks, or local attractions
  • Carry bus or train passes for frequent commuters
  • Reporters and members of the media can use them to quickly show credentials
  • Hospitality and security staff can use them to hold keys and cards for access to all areas of a building

How Can I Personalize Badge Lanyards?

In addition to standard lanyards, you can design badge lanyards with custom colors and patterns, including printing your company logo or motto on the fabric. You can add or change accessories like the type of hooks and clips at the bottom, as well as velour pouches and magnetic fasteners. 

Where Do I Get Badge Lanyards & Accessories?

The best way to get the exact type of work badge lanyards that you need is to choose a company that is both affordable and high-quality, while still allowing you to customize your products. NiceBadge carries customizable badge lanyards and accessories for every possible purpose and uses top-of-the-line materials. We can also help you create personalized name badges and ID cards to attach to your beautiful badge lanyards. Check out NiceBadge for your work badge lanyards and accessories today!

Tips for Seasonal Hiring in 2019

For many companies, particularly those in retail, the holiday season is considered the most important stretch of the year. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), holiday sales make up 20-30% of many retailers’ annual profits. The extra crowds mean extra profits, which means you need extra employees to ensure everything runs smoothly. Below are some important tips you may need to know before hiring seasonal staff this year.

Make a Plan

Before you begin the hiring process, take a look at previous years’ numbers as far as sales and staffing. Use this information to create the best estimate of how many staff members you will need this year and for which shifts, as well as which departments. For example, will you need additional payroll, HR, or management staff? Or just more front-end sales team members?

Start Early

Start hiring seasonal staff as early in the year as possible. Try reaching out to quality employees who have worked for you seasonally in the past. You will have more applicants to choose from if the best employees have not already been hired by your competitors. You may also end up with a few hires who back out, so it’s good to have adequate time to fill those shifts again.

Training is Key

Choose employees who have the personality traits you are looking for, then invest in training them to do the job well. It is much easier to add training to a positive personality than it is to change the personality of a well-trained staff member. The holidays can be stressful for a lot of shoppers as well as your staff, so it is important to have someone who can keep interactions pleasant and helpful.

Stay Legal

Check with your legal team to make sure you are in compliance with any rules that apply to seasonal staffing. There may be variations in benefits, pay grade, labor laws, or other employment requirements.

Don’t Overlook the Details

Remember that a seasonal employee is still a representative of your company and should be presented as such to every customer. It is worth investing in the proper uniform, equipment, or other items to complete the experience. For example, custom name badges are essential for every employee, regardless of the time of year.

Get your custom name badges from NiceBadge and design them to fit your unique needs and style. Stock up on seasonal name badges that are high-quality while still affordable, and have all your employees looking sharp for the holidays.

Why Are Banners and Signs So Important For Business?

Banners and business signage are essential for creating and building brand awareness for your company. Signs in store windows or in front of buildings are often the first thing people notice when they pass or approach the front door. A customer’s first impression of your brand’s quality and style will come from something as simple as what is hanging outside.

Why Do I Need Business Signage?

Custom business banners and signs can be used for numerous purposes, and are an incredibly cost-effective way to get the word out about your company or event. 


Have you ever driven around looking for a store, but couldn’t find it because the sign was too small? You can easily solve this problem for your customers with attractive and affordable business signage that lets everyone know exactly who and where you are.


Custom business banners are also a great way to pass out information to the public. It’s easy to spot which stores are having great sales because they usually hang signs in all their windows. You can also let people know about store hours, upcoming events, or new products.

Benefits of Business Signage

In addition to the functionality of signs and banners for your business, a well-designed sign can provide a variety of benefits. 

Increased Brand Recognition

Business signage is a great way to get your business noticed, and even more importantly, to be remembered. Consistent branding and frequent exposure to signs and banners containing your name, logo, motto, mascot, or other representation of your business or product, will increase the likelihood that they will choose you rather than your competitors.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Beautiful custom business signage doesn’t have to make a large dent in your marketing budget to produce great results. You’ll be able to increase sales and exposure quickly with less work and for less money than many other marketing strategies.

How to Make Signage Work for You

When designing or displaying banners and signs, there are a few things that will help you to stand out and be more successful.

  • Location – Choose a prominent spot for your sign where it will be unobstructed and easily viewed from a distance. 
  • Design – Keep it simple and choose a font type and size that is easy to read quickly.
  • Repetition – As with many things in life, one just isn’t enough! The more your signs are seen, the better they work.
  • Quality – Choose a design company that uses quality materials and will customize your signage to fit your needs.


Get your custom business banners and signage from NiceBadge and start attracting new customers today!

Why Recognition Awards Matter for Your Employees

If giving recognition to your employees has never crossed your mind, you should definitely consider doing so. There are plenty of benefits that come from praising your employees, especially if you choose to show your appreciation of them with high-quality custom awards.

Here are just a few reasons why recognition awards matter for your employees.

Recognition Awards Can Increase Morale

Taking the time to recognize the efforts of your employees goes a long way when trying to improve morale in the workplace. When you demonstrate how much of an impact an employee has made on your business, such as presenting them with a glass award in their honor, his or her self-confidence may just get a boost. This, in turn, can increase productivity in your workplace. Studies show that the recognition an employee receives at work can mean up to a 20% difference in productivity.

Custom Awards Can Build Trust

It goes without saying that trust is critical within the workplace. If trust is not found within the workplace, the work environment of your employees won’t promote productivity. 

One of the easiest ways to begin building connections with your employees is to recognize their efforts. When employees receive a recognition award for their efforts, they’ll have a visual representation of your appreciation. This can lead to employees developing a deeper connection with leadership.

Recognition Leads to Retention

Hiring a new employee can be quite an endeavor. Not only does it cost money to get a new employee up and running within your business, but lots of work hours are involved in the process. This means that you’ll want your new employees to stick around as long as possible to make your investment worth it.

With a little bit of recognition, you may find that your new hires will be far more willing to stick around longer, especially if they are given an award for their efforts, such as the custom awards that we can make for you at NiceBadge.

Contact Us

Have questions about our custom awards? Have a specific idea in mind for a special employee? Contact us today and let us help you recognize your employees with world-class awards.

Maximize Your Company’s Trade Show Events Using Custom Banners and Other Items

Making an exhibition for your business at a trade show is a huge investment of time, resources, and money. If your exhibition is successful, it could mean new opportunities and connections for your business with lots of room for potential growth. You may even secure coveted partnership opportunities.

In order to be successful, you’ll need to ensure that you are maximizing your impact. Here are several ways to maximize your company’s impact at trade show events.

Make an Impressive Exhibit with Custom Banners

The first steps to maximizing your impact lie with the design of your exhibit. While location is incredibly important for success as well, if your booth doesn’t stand out, you have a much harder time at your trade show. 

Displaying well-designed custom banners at your exhibit is a great way to catch the attention of those passing by and attract more people to your booth. Our custom banners are made from high-quality vinyl and use the best printing techniques in order to help you stand out.

Make a Connection With Name Badges

If all of your staff are wearing name badges, it can go a long way in making connections with people. Displaying your name can help those visiting your exhibit to open up and ask more questions about your company.

At NiceBadge, we offer a wide variety of name badges, including bling name badges, that offer both a professional feel and a great aesthetic.

Utilize a Giveaway with Promotional Items

Giveaways can work wonders when it comes to making an impression and attracting more people to your exhibit. However, not just any item will work effectively. Giving out another iPad is not the best way to maximize an impact.

You are going to want promotional items that will both get your name out there, and be high quality. NiceBadge has a wide array of promotional items that are sure to help maximize your impact at your next trade show.

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How to Make Your Custom-Made Badges Stand Out

Name badges can be used for a variety of purposes, whether you are using them for employees who greet customers or if you are hosting an event. However, most people tend to think of name badges as boring and something that nobody ever wants to wear.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! You’d be surprised at how personalized custom name badges can be, making them both fun to wear and effective. Here are several tips on how to make your custom badges stand out!

Pick the Right Font for Your Custom-Made Badge

This may sound obvious, but name badges are meant to be easily read. You don’t want people to have to squint when trying to see your name.

When making a custom badge, you will want to pick a font that works with longer names, and a font size that is easy to read. Doing this will allow your name badges to be most effective at their purpose, which is helping people connect.

Include a Job Title on Custom Badges

Name badges don’t have to come in the age-old “My Name is” format. There are plenty of other things you can include, such as your company logo and your job title.

Including a job title on your name badge can be especially wise, as it allows another person to have more information about yourself, and can even serve as a conversation starter.

Consider Color

In some cases, a black and white name badge may be a cheaper option, but it definitely isn’t always the best option. Colored badges tend to be far more effective, as they more easily catch the eye. Plus, colored custom badges allow you to be more expressive and unique, which will grant a bigger impact.

Design Your Own Custom Badge

Looking for professional custom badges that will stand out? Check out our selection of name badges and design the perfect badge for your event.

Why Choose Magnetic Name Badges?

Name badges are a fantastic choice for most, if not all, companies. Not only do they allow employees to more easily interact with each other and customers, name badges can be simply attached to clothing through a variety of means, including magnets.

If you’ve heard of magnetic name badges and want to learn more about their advantages, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a short list below of their beneficial qualities.

Magnetic Badges are Cost-Effective

One of the great things about customizable name badges is that they are often quite inexpensive. This means that you can equip your staff with professional badges while staying within your budget.

Fortunately, magnetic badges are also inexpensive, meaning that you don’t have to worry about forking over more money for this feature.

Magnetic Badges Won’t Damage Clothing

A major perk of magnetic badges is that they don’t damage your clothing. A common complaint about name badges, especially those with pin fasteners, is that they have the potential to damage clothing, leaving it permanently marked. 

With magnetic name badges, you won’t have to worry at all about damaging your clothing. With magnets, your name badges will stay attached, even through several layers, adding no additional wear and tear on your clothing.

Magnetic Badges Don’t Slip

Few things are as annoying as a name badge that will slip or otherwise refuse to stay still. This can be especially aggravating when you are talking with a customer as it can be very distracting for both of you. 

However, magnetic name badges are able to stay still, allowing you to focus on your work, rather than ensuring that your badge is straight. 

Get Name Badges Today

Interested in getting quality name badges? Feel free to view our selection of customizable magnetic name badges and create the perfect badge for your company.

Anniversary Present Ideas That Your Spouse Will Love

It goes without saying that planning anniversary celebrations can be an incredibly stressful time. On top of arranging a perfect evening full of meaningful activities, you need to get a gift that is not only of high quality, but also something that your significant other will appreciate.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of three unique anniversary present ideas so there will be at least one less thing you’ll need to stress about this year.

Sandcarving Present Ideas

Sandcarving is a method of deep etching or carving stone or similar substance using sand. Sand-carved items can make great anniversary presents as they are highly customizable, allowing you to use sayings or images that are significant to your relationship.

At Nice Badge, we offer several sandcarving options that are sure to be a hit. 

Drinkware Present Ideas

Sharing a drink with the one you love can be both a relaxing and intimate activity. Specially engraved drinkware can make the occasion extra meaningful, especially with customized messages that remind you of each other.

At Nice Badge, we offer engraved drinkware of all kinds, so you can have the perfect glass for the perfect occasion.

High-Quality Plaques

Giving your spouse a plaque as an anniversary present may seem odd at first, but having a high-quality plaque that you can proudly display in your home can be a meaningful gesture. Plaques typically contain messages and images that remind you of how far your relationship has come and where your relationship is headed simultaneously.

To see how great a customized plaque can look, feel free to browse our selection of customizable plaques.

Quality Customization at an Affordable Price

At Nice Badge, we pride ourselves in being able to offer you quality products exactly the way you want them. Buy one of our amazing anniversary presents today and make your anniversary truly special.

Why Employees Love Personalized Name Badges

If you own your own business, you spend a lot of time thinking about how to make your company stand out from the competition. Maybe you’ve created an eye-catching logo, a funny social media campaign, an awesome playlist for your retail space, or seasonal dishes for your restaurant menu. Whatever it may be, personalization is a necessity for elevating your business. 

Incorporating Personalized Badges

With all the thought you’ve put into standing out, have you thought about giving your employees personalized name badges? No matter what type of company you own, your employees will love them.

There are many reasons to enjoy personalized badges, but making the switch isn’t just about making employees happy. This simple change can also make even your customers feel more connected to your brand as they build deeper connections with your employees.

Building Human Connection

As mentioned earlier, unique name badges aren’t a frivolous accessory for your employees—customers love them too. Studies show that using someone’s name in conversation creates more respect, and can even make two people like each other more. 

In contrast, forgetting someone’s name can lead to hurt feelings and a lack of connection. So when you invest in personalized badges, you’re fostering a more positive environment for both employees and customers.

Increased Accountability

When your employees are wearing name tags, there’s no chance for anonymity on the job. Customers will be able to compliment stellar employees by name—and also complain about those who aren’t delivering customer service up to your standards. This will ensure greater accountability and easier communication within the workplace.

Order Your Personalized Name Badges Today

NiceBadge is proud to help businesses grow by implementing personalized name badges. Contact us today to order personalized badges and name badge accessories for your company. You’re sure to find the perfect option to suit your brand.

How Realtors are Standing Out with Bling Name Badges

There are many ways to stand out as a realtor. You might invest in billboards and digital ads, or hire a marketing assistant to run your social media. But, all methods don’t have to cost a fortune! Sometimes something simple is all you need to start a conversation and bring in a new client.

Bling Realtor Name Badges

So what’s the simplest way to differentiate yourself in the real estate industry? An eye-catching name badge is guaranteed to do the trick. While most name badges are so commonplace that potential clients don’t even notice them, a Bling Badge is a different story.

Turn heads with these sparkling real estate agent name badges. Bling realtor name badges are lined with jewels and crystals to give your name a luxurious touch that will get people talking. You’ll love having a name badge that is different from everyone else in the crowd, and clients will be drawn to your individualism and sense of style.

What You Get with Your Realtor Bling Name Badges

When you order a Bling Badge, you can completely customize the look and feel to match your personal style. Choose from gold or silver jewels and rectangular or round badges. Bling Badges also come with a free Super Magnetic Fastener and NiceGuard Protection, a durable poly-resin coating that will never cloud or yellow. You can even request a free digital mockup to make sure you’re getting just what you envisioned.

Order your realtor Bling name badges today and see the difference it makes for your business.

Different Types of Employee Name Badges

If you thought finding employee name badges that accurately represent your company was a quick and easy task, think again.

There are plenty of diverse design options and components to choose from when it comes to employee badges, each having an effect on how others view the badges and your employees. However, it is very possible to find (or design) the perfect badge, you’ll just need to go through each detail, one at a time.

Here are some of the common aspects of employee name badges that you’ll need to consider.

Plastic or Metal?

Most name badges are made from either of these two materials, and each has its perks. Plastic gives a professional feel for a cheaper price while metal grants style and sophistication to the badge.

Reusable or Permanent?

You’ll need to decide whether you want a reusable name badge or not. If your company is one that sees a lot of turnover, reusable badges allow you to switch information easily, while permanent badges offer a more tight-knit feel.

Add a Corporate Logo?

Adding the logo of your company on your employee badges can be a great move. Just the presence of the logo on the badge grants officiality to your employees. However, it is still very possible to create professional badges without the logo.

Add an Employee Picture?

If you are looking for an employee name badge that is more secure and authentic, adding an employee picture can be a great move. This also helps to make each badge unique for each employee.

Design Your Perfect Badge

At NiceBadge, we specialize in crafting world-class badges to meet your company’s needs. Begin designing your own badges today so your business can stand out from the competition